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Opportunities for Holy Spirit

Challenges and forces aligned against the Church

  • The political assault on life issues
  • Homosexual activism, assault on marriage
  • Major economic problems lead to increased needs but diminished resources if dealing only with the “natural”.
  • Pressure to work harder and longer in the competitive workplace
  • Secular humanism, materialism and militant atheism
  • Divisions in Christianity/internal divisions
  • Apathy
  • Public education system that is often hostile to the Christian faith
  • Poor or minimal catechesis, especially in those educated in 60s, 70s, 80s
  • Distractions – media, computerization/the internet. Impact on families of childrens sports teams -- and spectator impact on lives – some good, but often fragmenting families
  • Reaction to sex abuse scandals
  • New age and the Occult
  • Radical Islam/Shariah law and finance rules impacting even traditional financial institutions
  • Allegation that "Christianity has been Tried and found Lacking"


Archdiocese of Baltimore, Charismatic Renewal Contacts:
Julie Sawyer and Robert Sawyer, MD, Liaisons to the Charismatic Renewal
Rev. Jesus N. Aguirre, St. Clement I Parish, Hispanic Liaison to the Charismatic Renewal