A Commitment to Our Priests

Vocations and Retired Clergy - $10 million

Our archdiocese has been blessed to be served by countless good and holy priests throughout its history.  In spite of diminished numbers, our priests remain central to the life and mission of the Church and her people in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  It is therefore our responsibility to give of ourselves to ensure the future of our Faith by supporting those priests who are retired, as well as supporting efforts to attract the next generation of priests.

The Priests' Pension Fund
The Archdiocese is committed to creating and endowment to support our retired priests as they have supported and cared for people and parishes of the Archdiocese.
VocationsLong-Term Care for Priests
Our priests are the fathers in our family of Faith.  The Archdiocese has been entrusted to provide for their care in the event of infirmity.

Vocations Programs
Our future lies in strengthening vocations to the priesthood.  The Archdiocese will build an endowment to enhance and support our seminary program.  Strong formation through seminary education of future priests represents a critical need in the effort to secure the mission and viability of the Catholic Church in our archdiocese for future generations.