Inspiring and Assisting Parish Communities

Parishes - $20 million

Embracing Our Mission ~ Shaping Our Future recognizes the central role of parishes in the day-to-day life of the Church.  For the most Catholics, their parish represents the face of the Church.  Thus, the campaign is designed to support the important needs of our parishes and should prove successful with strong parish participation.
10While this is an archdiocese-wide effort with specific goals, significant funds also will be distributed to parish communities,
with additional support going to those parishes that have substantial needs.

These needs are widely varied and may include new construction or renovation of parish or school facilities for religious education, activities, and other ministries needed for a vibrant parish community.  Some parishes may use campaign funds to establish an endowment for parish operating support or tuition assistance for parish children attending Catholic schools.

Our parishes represent the "touch point" for our Faithful.  As such, we are committed to seeing that this campaign assists them in carrying out their mission of ministry to the people of our archdiocese.