Campaign Overview

The Campaign for the Archdiocese of Baltimore Video

The role of the Archdiocese is expansive and constantly growing.  With a clear vision for the future, many significant needs have been identified.  Affecting people up and down the economic spectrum, the struggling economy has created many new challenges and accelerated existing ones, including lower enrollment in our schools, and an increased demand for spiritual and temporal solace.  This increased demand for services comes at a time when operating costs have risen exponentially and weekly offertory has declined.  These factors have added considerable strain on the Church's ability to carry out its mission through key ministries.  Areas of particular concern include

  • Maintaining affordable tuition and offering sufficient scholarship aid to poor and working middle-class Catholic familiesEOM Pie_3x3

  • Continuing to provide a values-based, community-oriented Catholic education for students from low-income families in impoverished areas of our archdiocese, including Baltimore City and Western Maryland

  • Developing advanced academic programs for Catholic schools across the Archdiocese that keep our schools academically excellent and desirable

  • Supporting the efforts of Catholic Charities and its service to those in need, including many new clients who have lost homes and jobs in recent years

  • Enhancing Catholic Charities' ability to reach and assist children in need and senior citizens who require and deserve quality housing and care

  • Providing sufficiently for our retired priests who sacrificed and gave of themselves during many years of service to the people of our archdiocese

  • Identifying quality candidates to serve in the priesthood and educating them to serve the community of faith today, while preserving the gift of our Church for future generations

  • Providing meaningful and dignified ministry to vulnerable children or individuals with developmental disabilities

  • Maintaining churches and other parish facilities, as well as enhancing parish programs so they can continue in service to all God's people