A Sustainable Future for Catholic Education

Archdiocesan Schools - $50 MillionEducation

The foundation for the parochial school system in the United States was laid in the Archdiocese of Baltimore in 1808 when St. Elizabeth Ann Seton opened a free school for children in her home on Baltimore's Paca Street.  Since then, the Catholic Church has been educating children of all creeds and backgrounds in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Today, 70 Catholic schools provide a quality, academically excellent education rooted in the teachings of Jesus and dedicated to the advancement of every child through education.

One objective of Embracing Our Mission ~ Shaping Our Future is to assert our rightful place as the standard-bearers for Catholic education in the United States by providing the financial support needed to realize the goals of the Catholic Schools' Strategic Plan.  The Plan seeks to transform our schools by creating a system that meets the overall needs of today's students and anticipates those of the children of tomorrow.  This plan consists of a number of factors including New Academic and Leadership Initiatives, Tuition Assistance, and Facilities Upgrades.

Building cutting edge academics
Expanding the traditional Catholic school program offerings to create more diverse educational opportunities is an important objective in revitalizing and improving our school system.

Fostering dynamic leadership
The Archdiocese of Baltimore, in a continuing commitment to provide exemplary professional development for teachers and administrators, has developed system-wide learning opportunities through workshops, seminars, and graduate education in collaboration with several institutions of higher learning.

Creating vibrant learning environments
The quality of school buildings and technological resources plays an important role in supporting the delivery of a first-rate education.  Our goal is to create a superior learning environment for our students.  This is a key component of the campaign.

Helping those most in need
Sometimes, it's a choice between paying the rent or paying tuition.  In many homes across our archdiocese, this is the sad choice often faced by families that would prefer a Catholic education for their children.  Even with a scholarship, low-income families pay, on average, 60 to 70 percent of the cost of tuition.  Sometimes, these families leave our schools because they simply can't afford them.  Ultimately, their children and the community at large suffer.

A campaign goal is to broaden the funds available to low- and middle-income families through annual gifts and endowments.

A Two-Tiered Approach
Our long-term objective is to establish an endowment to secure the future of Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  However, in the interim, while this endowment is being established, there is an immediate need for funds to support our tuition assistance programs efforts across the Archdiocese.

Endowment - $25 Million Goal
Immediate Assistance - $5 Million Goal