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A commencement goodbye

During my 19-year career, I’ve seen colleagues come and colleagues go. The hellos I look forward to. The goodbyes I dread.
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An adoptive mother’s thoughts on Birthmothers Day

Today, the day before Mother’s Day, is Birthmother’s Day, and I find myself wondering about the women who gave our sons life.
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7 Quick Takes: Chilly baseball games, honeysuckle, entering a new whole new world of Pokemon fun, cow birthday cards, and more

This weeks '7 Quick Takes' covers everything from chilly baseball games to entering a new whole new world of Pokemon fun.
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As a parent, every day is Christmas morning

As we watch them grow and learn and change, I realize so much of who they are seems to have nothing to do with us.
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“Don’t step on a crack. You’ll break your mother’s back!”

I can only hope God will give my husband and me the wisdom, the strength, the courage to handle each stage we will encounter as a family.
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A sweet reminder from our son during Mass

“Pure love ... knows that only one thing is needed to please God,” St. Faustina wrote, “to do even the smallest things out of great love—love, and always love.”
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