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Strengthening Families

2016 AAA Strengthening Families

Monsignor O'Dwyer Retreat House
In 2014, 45 parishes and 25 schools made use of the Retreat House for retreats, days-of-recollection, and other community, and faith-strengthening purposes. These programs, which receive financial support from the Appeal, ground our young people in the Faith and reinforce life-affirming values instilled in the home.

The Harambee Program of African-American Ministries
Harambee, partially funded from Appeal monies, hosts many activities throughout the year, helping young people understand the importance of knowing one's history and its effects on the future, and the importance of working together toward a shared goal.

Apostleship of the Sea (AOS)
The Aposteship of the Sea reaches out to seafarers, fishers, their families, and all who work or travel on the high seas. Seafarers are often away from their home parishes, and some seafarers have no parish setting to hlep them maintain lasting ties with their faith and families.  A network of AOS port offices and Catholic chaplains, supported by the Appeal serves as a parish that accommodates a seafarer's unique lifestyle and needs.