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A Message from Archbishop Lori

Archbishop PortraitAre there ways we can pull together as a Catholic community to proclaim and bear witness to the Gospel more effectively in the City of Baltimore and the nine counties of Maryland that comprise the Archdiocese? How can we reach out more dynamically to those who have left and those who are searching?

"A Light Brightly Visible, Lighting the Path to Missionary Discipleship"

Most Reverend William E. Lori's Pastoral Letter, Spring, 2015

As Catholics living in the 21st Century, we, at first glance, seem to have very little in common with those early followers of Christ, who faced the very real fear of persecution for their beliefs.  However, though our day-to-day challenges seem to vary greatly from theirs, we share with them the need to constantly strive to reflect the light of Christ, as stated by Pope Paul VI from Vatican II's Lumen Gentium, No. 4  by "proclaiming the Gospel to every creature." And while Christ's light burns brightly within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, it often requires great effort to refuel. This is why this year's Archbishop's Annual Appeal, entitled A Light Brightly Visible, is so important to the success of our mission.

The Archbishop's Annual Appeal helps us to bring the Gospel to our community of faith and fulfill its spiritual needs. Indeed, the Appeal helps us radiate Christ's light, enabling our parishes to continue enriching the spiritual communities they have built, and to guide the Faithful through every stage of life by celebrating Mass and the Sacraments with them.

The Appeal affords us the opportunity to live out the Gospel and to embrace the compassion of Jesus, helping those among us who are less fortunate, often lacking life's most basic needs.  It helps ensure that Catholic Charities and our other caregiving partners remain able to assist those who struggle to make ends meet.

Additionally, the Archbishop's Annual Appeal supports our evangelization efforts that reveal the light of Christ to our neighbors who long for His presence. Making the difference in a family's ability to afford a Catholic School education or giving us the wherewithal to care for our retired Clergy and form our next generation of priests,funds raised from the Appeal empower us to bring the Good News of Christ to all who are open to welcoming Him into their hearts.

With your participation in the 2016 Archbishop's Annual Appeal, our ministries can share the light of Christ with all people, and I invite you to join me, however you are able, in this effort. Together, we can make Christ's light burn even brighter.