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St. Mary (Annapolis)

General Information:
109 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis MD 21401
Phone: (410) 263-2396
Fax: (410) 263-3027
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Parish Staff:
Rev. John Tizio, C.Ss.R., Pastor
Rev. Blas Caceres, C.Ss.R., Priest
Rev. Andrew Costello, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Rev. Patrick Flynn, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Rev. William Guri, C.Ss.R., Priest
Rev. John Harrison, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Rev. Charles Hergenroeder, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Rev. Eric Hoog, C.Ss.R., Priest
Rev. Joseph Krastel, C.Ss.R., Priest
Rev. Miguel Angel Martinez Cantero, Priest
Rev. Kevin Milton, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Rev. Alphonse Olive, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Rev. David Verghese, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Rev. Robert Wojtek, C.Ss.R., Associate Pastor
Deac. George Russell, Deacon
Cecilia Ambrosetti, Music Minister
Patricia Conte, Music Minister
Matthew Martelli, Music Minister
Ralph Martino, Music Minister
Joseph Morson, Music Minister
Mary Shaffer, Music Minister
Mary Simpson, Music Minister
Harry Thompson, Jr., Co-Director of Music Ministry
Joann Crouse, Office Manager
John Crouse, Accounting Clerk/Bookkeeper
Sharon Graham, Coordinator of Liturgy
Mary Lipscombe, Young & Youth Adult Minister
Colleen Mitsopoulos, Young & Youth Adult Minister


Confessions Saturday 4:30 - 5:00 PM.  Weekdays before the 8:00 AM Mass.  Visit St. John Neumann for information about the mission.

Mass Times:

A: Young Adult
B: Byzantine
C: Children
D: Deaf
E: Teen
F: Family
H: Choir
K: Korean
L: Latin
M: Communion Service
P: Polish
R: Contemporary / Folk
S: Spanish
T: Tridentine
U: Lithuanian
Y: Prayer Service
Z: Special
X: Music

Special Mass Times: