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St. Louis

General Information:
12500 Clarksville Pike
Clarksville MD 21029
Phone: (410) 531-6040
Fax: (410) 531-6191
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Parish Staff:
Msgr. Joseph Luca, Pastor
Rev. Peter Gevera, M.X.Y., Associate Pastor
Rev. Pete Literal, Associate Pastor
Marianne Faulstich, Pastoral Associate
Deac. Scott Lancaster, Deacon
Deac. Fred Mauser, Deacon
Deac. Frank Sarro, Deacon
Deac. Francis Ziegler, Deacon
Julie Brookman, Business Manager
Patrick Sprankle, Youth Minister
Victoria Yozwiak, Religious Educator
Amy Bagley, Secretary
Tracy Mayer, Secretary

St. Louis Parish

Please see the church bulletin for Holy Day evening Mass schedules not displayed below.

Mass Times:

A: Young Adult
B: Byzantine
C: Children
D: Deaf
E: Teen
F: Family
H: Choir
K: Korean
L: Latin
M: Communion Service
P: Polish
R: Contemporary / Folk
S: Spanish
T: Tridentine
U: Lithuanian
Y: Prayer Service
Z: Special
X: Music

Special Mass Times: