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Parish Planning

In the fall of 2010, Archbishop Edwin O’Brien returned from a Convocation with the priests of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, having heard the presbyterate’s concerns about the impact of a clergy shortage that will worsen before it improves, determined to engage the people of the Archdiocese in a process to strengthen and invigorate Catholic parish life. He wrote a series of columns for The Catholic Review in the weeks that followed, outlining his goals and a preliminary process for moving toward such an ambitious undertaking. In the months that followed, the Archbishop would consult with a number of clergy and lay groups. His initial consultations with the laity occurred in the spring and summer of 2011 and consisted of four sets of meetings throughout the Archdiocese with lay leaders from every parish. The materials on this web page represent the comments provided to the Archbishop and Auxiliary Bishops at those meetings, as well as the data and other documentation given to participants prior to the meetings. Additional information will be posted to this page as the process progresses. Feedback/questions may be sent to

Consultation Summaries: