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Our Lady of the Mountains

General Information:
300 East Oldtown Road
Suite 2
Cumberland MD 21502
Phone: (301) 777-1750
Fax: (301) 777-2669
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Parish Staff:
Rev. Gregory Chervenak, O.F.M. Cap, Pastor
Rev. John Paul Kuzma, O.F.M. Cap, Associate Pastor
Rev. Louis Petruha, Senior Priest
Juan Ortiz, O.F.M., Deacon
Deac. Urbano Vazquez, O.F.M. Cap, Deacon
Monica Beck, Coordinator of Faith Formation
Sherri Brady, Music Minister
Joan Darchicourt, Music Minister
Edward Jones, Business Manager
Mary Margaret King, Music Minister
Charles Mulligan, Music Minister
Florence Young, Music Minister
Brett Downey, Secretary
Teresa Files, Administrative Assistant
Luann Hunsecker, Secretary
Carolee Lucas, Receptionist

Mass Times:

A: Young Adult
B: Byzantine
C: Children
D: Deaf
E: Teen
F: Family
H: Choir
K: Korean
L: Latin
M: Communion Service
P: Polish
R: Contemporary / Folk
S: Spanish
T: Tridentine
U: Lithuanian
Y: Prayer Service
Z: Special
X: Music

Special Mass Times: