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Our Lady of the Fields

General Information:
1070 Cecil Avenue South
Millersville MD 21108
Phone: (410) 923-7060
Fax: (410) 923-6978
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Parish Staff:
Msgr. Jay O'Connor, Pastor
Rev. Ross Conklin, Jr., Associate Pastor
Deac. Anthony Grillo, Deacon
Deac. Brent Heathcott, Deacon
Deac. Albert Kosla, Deacon
Dr. Thomas Little, Pastoral Associate
Deac. Mark Loepker, Deacon
Deac. Edward Stoops, Deacon
Karen Froehly, Music Minister
Vincent Grauso, Business Manager
Glenn Kehs, Music Minister
Andrea McGill, Religious Ed/Faith Form
Erin Bentrewicz, Secretary
Christina Broglie, Secretary
Glenna Cuevas, Young & Youth Adult Min
Barbara Wrobel, Accounting Clerk/Bookkeep
Roma Dominique, Administrative Assistant
Deborah Kitchen, Administrative Assistant


Mass Times:

A: Young Adult
B: Byzantine
C: Children
D: Deaf
E: Teen
F: Family
H: Choir
K: Korean
L: Latin
M: Communion Service
P: Polish
R: Contemporary / Folk
S: Spanish
T: Tridentine
U: Lithuanian
Y: Prayer Service
Z: Special
X: Music

Special Mass Times: