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Catholic Review Articles - Thoughts On Our Church

05/10/2012   Final Thoughts on Our Church
03/08/2012   The Gospel Voice Within Us
02/23/2012   Lessons From the Consistory
02/07/2012   To Rome With Sobering Thoughts of Home
01/24/2012   Pope's Words Should Inspire Us All
12/08/2011   What’s Old is New Again
12/01/2011   Youth ‘Focus’ on Vocations
11/24/2011   Painful Lessons Learned
11/17/2011   Silent Erosion of Religious Liberty
11/10/2011   Bumper Sticker Ethics
11/03/2011   Staying the Just Course
10/27/2011   Gala: A Night to Remember
10/20/2011   Positive Signs for Schools
10/13/2011   Now the Real Work Begins
10/06/2011   How Insensitive
09/29/2011   Prayers for a Healing Economy
09/22/2011   Our Collaboration Continues
09/15/2011   Catholic Charities: A Source of Pride
09/08/2011   Don’t Extinguish This Fire
08/31/2011   Our work continues in Baltimore, Holy Land
08/25/2011   Guest column: The American ‘Creed’
08/18/2011   Guest column: Perspectives on Immigration and the ‘Next America’
08/11/2011   We Hear You
08/04/2011   Many hands = lighter work
07/28/2011   No Time to Abandon Conviction
07/21/2011   Guest column: Message of Cardinal O’Connor resonates
07/14/2011   Guest column: Catholic singles for Our Savior
07/07/2011   Guest commentary: Report on U.S. Catholic priests’ sex abuse, and what the critics got wrong
06/30/2011   Summer Thoughts
06/23/2011   VW Bugs, fondue and babies
06/16/2011   A Report Card
06/09/2011   Veterans Need our Support, Prayers
06/02/2011   Recovery Requires Help and Prayer
05/26/2011   I Have Come To Serve
05/25/2011   New Words and Same Mass
05/18/2011   Abuse Report Offers Clarity, Inspires Resolve
05/05/2011   Attacks on Religious Freedom Still Exist at Home
04/28/2011   Movement’s Dark Origins Exposed
04/21/2011   The Hopeful, Holy Men of Baltimore
04/14/2011   Challenges are Opportunities for Future of our Church
04/07/2011   Guest Columnist: Cohabitation’s Curse
03/31/2011   The Pro-Abortion Lobby … Again?
03/24/2011   Voices of Faith
03/17/2011   Do Ashes Make a Difference?
03/10/2011   Worthy of our Defense
03/03/2011   A Community of Conscience
02/25/2011   Immigration a Test of Faith
02/17/2011   Marriage Crossroads
02/10/2011   Equipped for Ministry?
02/03/2011   Ruling a Victory … and a Reminder
01/26/2011   Schools Earn A+ in Study
01/20/2011   Prayers for Haiti
01/13/2011   Irresistible Promise of Happiness
01/06/2011   The Doable Dreams
12/23/2010   Merry Christmas! Hon
12/16/2010   And on Earth…Peace
12/09/2010   The Least We Can Do
12/02/2010   Dismissing Priests?
11/25/2010   From Death into Life
11/18/2010   Us and Them
11/11/2010   The Sacrament of Service
11/04/2010   An Important Pro Life Cause
10/28/2010   Finishing the Race
10/21/2010   Light For Our Journey
10/14/2010   Why Do I Have to Go to Mass?
10/07/2010   Awake Yet?
09/30/2010   A Wake Up Call Part Two
09/23/2010   A Wake Up Call
09/16/2010   Passing on our Faith
09/09/2010   A Friend’s Reminder
09/02/2010   New Year, New Beginnings
07/29/2010   Airborne
07/22/2010   Our Environment, Our Responsibility
07/17/2010   Gearing Up for the Future
07/15/2010   Schools’ Future is Bright
07/08/2010   Changes Offer Opportunity
06/24/2010   Priests Helping Priests
06/03/2010   Eucharistic Hospitality
05/20/2010   Religious Freedom Still Eludes Many Abroad
05/13/2010   An Open Letter to the Students of Cardinal Gibbons
05/06/2010   A Hard-Hearted Approach to Immigration
04/29/2010   Child Protection our Year-Round Focus
04/22/2010   Heaven 13, Archdiocese 0
04/15/2010   Bait and Switch
04/08/2010   Pray For Your Priests
04/01/2010   Taking the Leap of Faith
03/25/2010   Weathering the Economic Storm
03/18/2010   The Highways and Byways
02/25/2010   Wasted Prayer
01/28/2010   The Pro Life Generation
12/24/2009   Find the True Christmas Spirit
12/17/2009   The Cravings of a Catholic Heart
12/10/2009   Strategic Plan Taking Shape
12/03/2009   Youth Grab Faith by the ‘Reigns’
11/26/2009   A Veterans Day Thought
11/12/2009   Crabs and Crowns
11/05/2009   While Rome Burns…
10/29/2009   Medicine and Morality
10/15/2009   Advisory: Sacrifices Ahead
10/08/2009   Sisters’ Service a Blessing to All
10/01/2009   A Vibrant Local Church
09/24/2009   Nobody Says It Better
09/17/2009   No Time for Complacency
09/10/2009   What Might Have Been
09/03/2009   Health Care Reform: Save Lives, Don’t Destroy Them
07/23/2009   Speak to Any NFP Couple
07/16/2009   Emotions aside, a Look at Towson Catholic’s Closing
06/15/2009   A Blue Ribbon Question: “Catholic Identity”
06/04/2009   Lessons from the Swine Flu
05/28/2009   How We Got Here
05/21/2009   S.O.S.
05/14/2009   Protecting the Voice of God Within
05/07/2009   Intimidated?
04/25/2009   Homily for Pilgrimage Mass, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington DC
04/23/2009   Legislative Session Losers: MD Students
04/16/2009   Leaving the Counting to God
04/09/2009   Some Thoughts for Holy Thursday
03/26/2009   Many are Seeing the Light
03/19/2009   The Irish Brigade
03/12/2009   Conscience Matters
03/05/2009   Leading Voices on Schools
02/26/2009   Let a Little Light Shine on You
02/19/2009   Remarks of Archbishop Edwin F. O’Brien at the Pastoral Consultations on Catholic Schools
02/12/2009   Courage
02/05/2009   Again: Legislation Targeted at Church
01/29/2009   Letter Regarding Financial Report
01/22/2009   Schools: An Update
01/08/2009   A New Year, New Opportunities
12/25/2008   The Christmas Mystery
12/18/2008   Ronnie’s Good Deed
12/11/2008   A Feast for Baltimore
12/04/2008   Courage 2008
11/27/2008   An Open Letter to the Catholic Faithful of the Archdiocese of Baltimore
11/20/2008   The Death Penalty... Again
11/13/2008   F.O.C.A.
11/06/2008   Welcome Aboard
10/30/2008   An Appeal to Those Who Seek or Hold Public Office
10/23/2008   20 Questions for Catholic Voters toward Faithful Citizenship
10/16/2008   God’s Great Gift
10/09/2008   Taking Stock
09/22/2008   The Grand Finale
09/11/2008   Catholic Education: A Right or a Luxury?
09/04/2008   Humanae Vitae Part III
08/28/2008   Humanae Vitae Part II
08/21/2008   Humanae Vitae Part I
08/07/2008   Hope from FRESH Start
07/31/2008   A Wonderful and a Wonderfully Catholic Church
07/24/2008   The Real Televangelists
07/17/2008   The Church's Beacon Shines Brightly
07/10/2008   A Call for "Other Hands – Your Hands"
06/26/2008   The Yoke That Binds
06/19/2008   A New Pentecost, A New Evangelization
06/12/2008   Hopefully, A Meeting of Minds
06/02/2008   Marriage…the Beginning of the End?
05/29/2008   What is God Whispering?
05/22/2008   Doctrine with Calmness and Clarity
05/15/2008   A Rosa Moment
05/08/2008   Once Upon a Sweatshirt...
04/30/2008   Cool, Man, Real Cool...
04/24/2008   A Week of Hope
04/17/2008   Undaunted Missionary Spirit
04/10/2008   What the Holy Father Could Teach Us
04/03/2008   Thoughts from Rome and About Seminarians
03/27/2008   Chrism Mass
03/20/2008   Holy Week 2008
03/13/2008   Culture of Life
03/06/2008   EnCourage
02/28/2008   Lay Ecclesial Ministry
02/18/2008   Marriage
02/12/2008   Bless Me Father
02/07/2008   Statutes of Limitations
01/24/2008   Column Contest
01/17/2008   March for Life
01/16/2008   Ecclesia Eucharistia
01/15/2008   Thy Perfect Light
01/10/2008   First Christmas