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Beyond the Boundaries 2013

Beyond the Boundaries has been relatively inactive for the past couple of years due to archdiocesan cutbacks, however it recently reorganized under a slightly revised format. In February 2013 at a meeting with Bishop Madden,a new operating model was proposed and an initial Steering Committee consisting of Msgr. William Burke,Fr. Richard Lawrence, Nancy Conrad and Helene Perry was formed with Brother Jerry O'Leary as chair. Brother Jerry has invited anyone else interested to join the Steering Committee and the group has been expanded.

It was decided a general plan of operation would be:

  • A seminal group of housing leaders would meet periodically to collect information they can share with others about inclusionary housing in the City and the region, as well as opportunities to create and support these opportunities;
  • As convener, Brother Jerry would notify all of meetings and send out a summary of the previous meeting and proposals for the current meeting agenda;
  • Between meeting the convener would send information (emails, or phone) about information and events connected to what was discussed or decided at the previous meetings so that BtB housing leaders could share it with fellow parishioners, inviting them for instance to contact a legislator or attend a meeting.