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Lawson HRMS

Fill in each field below to ensure that your request is completely correctly.

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Please select the subject with which you have a problem:
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Do you have a screen capture of your problem? Yes  No

To create a screen shot perform the following steps:

  • Make sure that the screen you want to "capture" is selected. Click on the blue title bar or inside the window if necessary.
  • Press the ALT+Print Screen on your keyboard. (The Print Screen key is toward the top right of your keyboard, above the Insert key).
  • Open a new Word document.
  • Go to Edit > Paste. Your screen shot will be pasted into the document.
  • Save the Word document onto your Desktop. (This will make it easier to browse and insert).
  • Return to the Help Desk page and click the Browse button.
  • Navigate to your document to include the file in your submission.

What is the name of the file containing the screen capture? (Please be sure the information entered here is correct. Entering in the wrong file name or no file name may cause a delay in responding to your request).

**If you have a screen capture of your problem, please send an email to the HRMS Unit including that attachment. Please set the subject of your email to be the name of the file.

Please describe your problem. Include as much detail as possible. (What were you doing when the error occurred? What error messages (if any) did you receive? )

Please type the word you see below, all lower case:
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