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Reporting Abuse, Neglect, and Misconduct to the Archdiocese

The Church is committed to listening, healing, and reconciliation.


Any person who has reason to believe a child has been subjected to Abuse (including Sexual Abuse), Neglect, or Misconduct with Minors by Church Personnel shall immediately notify the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Office of Child and Youth Protection.


Notification of the Office of Child and Youth Protection is in addition to any reporting required to civil authorities.


Persons should report to the Office of Child and Youth Protection at 410-547-5348. Victims of Church Personnel may contact the Victims Assistance Hotline at 1-866-417-7469.


Persons making reports of Abuse, Neglect or Misconduct with Minors will be advised that the Archdiocese takes such allegations seriously and will respond promptly and in a pastoral way.


To respect the privacy of those involved, confidentiality is maintained, to the extent possible, consistent with the civil reporting requirements and the Archdiocesan Child and Youth Protection Policies and Procedures, taking into account.

The need to advocate for those who are victims.

The need to provide appropriate outreach to victims.

The need to be in compliance with civil and canon law.

The right of Church Personnel to be treated fairly.

The need to fairly investigate all complaints of Abuse or Misconduct with Minors.

The need to make a report to the Archbishop or his designee in a timely manner .


State law contains an exception from mandatory reporting when a priest learns of suspected Abuse or Neglect during the Sacrament of Reconciliation. If Abuse or Neglect is disclosed to a priest in any other setting, State law and Archdiocesan policies regarding mandatory reporting requirements apply.